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Disclaimer : All downloadable files are Freeware, Trial or Adware to the best of our knowledge. If you find any download on this site that is not Freeware, Trial or Adware so please Contact Us to report them and link will be removed shortly.
Orkut Mobile Client
Orkut Mobile Client

Here is Orkut Mobile Client for Symbian touch screen mobiles. Orkut Mobile Client will give you wonderful experience of Orkut right on your mobile.

Orkut Mobile Client's interface is very similar to YouTube client for Symbian S60. With this client, you are able to browse through your Home, Your Scrapbook, Your Contacts, Your Photos, Your Profile.

You can check Scraps, Set Your status, Upload Photos, Share album with this mobile Orkut client. The application is touch supported with custom on-screen keyboard.

So what are you waiting for? See what your friends are up to. Enjoy Orkut..

Note: You can download the Orkut.jad file of size 1 KB from the link given below. The Orkut.jad file when run on your mobile will connect to internet to download the actual installation file. Once downloaded, it will install the application and you will be able to access Orkut.


PinPointer is a Symbian S60 5th edition application for touch screen mobile phones. The application lets you to create personalized location tagged Points of Interest, Pinpointers (POI) and add your own description. You can then share them with friends and family as well as store safely for future use.

Pinpointers are also called Points of Interests (POIs) and Landmarks in Nokia phones. Using PinPointer, you can add/edit your pinpointers and share them with other people.

* My Location - shows you your current estimated location on maps using pinpointer online positioning and GPS. Pinpointer online position is shown as star symbol when available otherwise the GPS position is shown.
* My Pinpointers - This allows you to add/edit pinpointers/POIs in your mobile.
* Send and Share: This allows you to select pinpointers and send them to your www.pinpointer.mobi account where you can share them with others.
* Get from Web: You can also create/edit/share your pinpointers on pinpointer web. This option allows you to download your pinpointers from web to your device. All new and user selected (on pinpointer web) pinpointers will be downloaded on your phone.

PinPointer is a web based application which can simply communicate with your handheld mobile phone. PinPointer application is developed by SATSIS Ltd. The application works with Nokia touch screen symbian mobiles.


Observer is a Symbian S60 5th edition widget which observes the calls and messages of your contacts in phonebook and displays them in a very unique way. In the Observer widget, you can select the contact you want to observe, the observing period (Current day, Current week, Current month and No Limits) and the observed events (Calls and Messages).

You can click on "Select Contact" button in the middle to load all the contacts of your phonebook and then select any contact. Once selected, it will be displayed in the main screen. Now clicking "Ok" button on the lower right of the screen will take you to the screen where you can see how many calls (Missed, send and received) and messages ( Sent and received) exchanged in between you and that contact.
The Observer widget works with Nokia touch screen symbian mobiles.

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