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Boogey Converter
Boogey Converter

Use the new Boogey converter v0.7.2 to Convert km-Miles,Celsius-Fahrenheit and Kg-pounds,Area (hectares,acres and ares). Customize your local currency(by default its labeled KSHS) to get Usd $ rates and Sterling Pounds conversion.

Book of Wazaif
Book of Wazaif

Contents: 1. Book of Wazaif 2. Asma Al-Nabi 3. Asma-ul Hussna islam islamic book english mobile muslim

BT File Manager
BT File Manager

Application to browsing and copy files from other phones connected via Bluetooth.

- English - Czech - Slovak - Russian - Germa - Polish - Spanish - Portuguese - Serbian - Ukrainian - Arabic - French - Italian - Lithuanian

Minimal requirements:
- CLDC 1.0
- MIDP 1.0
- JSR 82
- JSR 75

If, when copying files from another device to your device the application write "Could not write data to the target file." or when you try to open your files write "cannot open the folder" it is necessary to allow the application reading and writing files.

Business Dictionary and Glossary
Business Dictionary and Glossary

The Core Vocabulary of the Related Subject

It is one of the new generation interactive dictionary that contains

1. Glossary of Business Terms
2. Glossary of Accounting Terms
3. Glossary of Financial Terms.
4. Glossary of International Economics.
5. And another popular FTech Mobile Dictionary.
An essential dictionary for B.B.A, M.B.A, economics, accounting, management student and other business related student, person and professionals.

The Key Features of This Product

* 5 dictionaries are bundled here. Easy to change dictionary at runtime.
* Up-to-date and accessible information on the related terms of Business and English.
* Clear layout and most accurate definitions.
* 4 interactive games help to enrich vocabulary in a pleasuring way.
* All the games are funny, AI enriched that remove boring feelings while learning vocabulary.
* Searching is very fast and list of words while you type are provided.
* A diary is provided to write short notes.
* An offline dictionary that doesn’t required internet connection.
* An essential dictionary that gives you better experience than others.
* There are also many features you found in this dictionary.


Quick and easy to use calculator, compatible with any Java MIDP 2.0 device. This application was developed by Media Delivery Technologies (UK) Ltd. (mdtec)using their TagsMe™GUI mobile development environment

Cambridge Dictionary of American English
Cambridge Dictionary of American English

The Cambridge Dictionary of American English provides definitions for about 40,000 words and is compiled to offer what learners need most in a dictionary. With easy access, clear definitions, current vocabulary and plenty of examples this dictionary is an indispensable aid to students of English

Key Features

* Based on a 200 million-word corpus of American English that shows which words and phrases are really used in current American English, and what people really mean when they say or write those words
* Organized by meaning to help learners use English effectively
* Guidewords to help you quickly find the exact meaning you are looking for
* A 2,000-word defining vocabulary to help make definitions easy to understand
* Authentic, full-sentence examples to show how words are typically used and to help learners understand and use English more accurately
* Language Portraits to provide in-depth explanations of difficult grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation

The MSDict Dictionary Format

The Cambridge Dictionary of American English is here presented in MSDict electronic format. MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.

* Quick dynamic search of words while you type
* Dynamic changing of font sizes
* Learning features
* Hyperlinks between different related words
* Support of multiple dictionaries installed at a time
* Support for MMC, memory stick, and SD memory cards


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