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Sony Ericsson Cedar Sony Ericsson C901 Sony Ericsson C901
Sony Ericsson Bravia Sony Ericsson J105 Sony Ericsson C510
Sony Ericsson S003 Sony Ericsson Aino Sony Ericsson T700
Sony Ericsson Zylo Sony Ericsson Yari Sony Ericsson W395
Sony Ericsson Spiro Sony Ericsson S312 Sony Ericsson W508
Sony Ericsson Hazel Sony Ericsson W205 Sony Ericsson W715
Sony Ericsson Elm Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson W705
Sony Ericsson Jalou Sony Ericsson W995 Sony Ericsson W902
Sony Ericsson T715 Sony Ericsson C903 Sony Ericsson W595
Sony Ericsson TM506 Sony Ericsson S302 Sony Ericsson W302
Sony Ericsson F305 Sony Ericsson G502 Sony Ericsson W980
Sony Ericsson G900 Sony Ericsson C902 Sony Ericsson T280
Sony Ericsson G700 Sony Ericsson W760 Sony Ericsson 350
Sony Ericsson W890 Sony Ericsson K770 Sony Ericsson K850
Sony Ericsson W960 Sony Ericsson W910 Sony Ericsson K530
Sony Ericsson S500 Sony Ericsson W580 Sony Ericsson W660
Sony Ericsson W880 Sony Ericsson K810 ETC....
Pocket Quran
Pocket quran

The complete Holy Quran in Arabic for Java-enabled phones. Includes verse number and division markers. NEW: with search capability & touch screen support (where available)! Requires: A Java-Enabled phone that supports: * MIDP 2.0 * JAR sizes of 320 KB or more.

IMPlus All-in-One Messenger Pro
IMPlus All-in-One Messenger Pro

Chat with award-winning IM+ Pro within AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk, MySpaceIM, Facebook and even Skype regardless of location and mobile operator. Now with Twitter* support!
No cost per message!

Main Features

* Communicate with all your friends in a single buddylist, share your files and photos.
* Follow your friends on Twitter, view timeline, favorites, direct messages and replies, and post pictures and voice messages to your own timeline!
* Send your current location to your contacts while chatting or as a status message!
* Subscribe and enjoy unique speech recognition option for iPhone/iPod Touch and BlackBerry!

IM+ Pro is available for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Java and Palm webOS smartphones.

Expense Manager
Expense Manager

Expense Manager is an application which can be used for managing and keeping track of expenses on your mobile phone. Expense Manager offers many features to the user including abilities to:

1. Add new expense details under up to 25 categories.

2. Classify entries on the basis of ‘Purpose of transaction’, ‘Mode of payment’ & ‘Currency’.

3. Optional password protection for logging into the application.

4. Modify the category, purpose, mode and currency titles to suit individual requirements.

5. View monthly data in a single page.

6. Generate reports for a user defined range of dates.

7. Generate reports for particular category, purpose, mode, currency only.

8. Export data to the memory card in ‘csv’ (comma separated values) format so that the expense data can be viewed/edited on any of the popular spreadsheet softwares.*

9. Option to define monthly expense limit. The user will get an alert if his total expenses for a month have exceeded the limit.

10. Option to set the ‘New Entry’ screen as the first screen instead of the ‘Main Menu’ to enable quick entry of data.

11. Comprehensive help included with the application.

*Export to csv functionality works only on phones which support JSR75 (File Connection Optional Package). Please consult your device manufacturer website to determine whether your device has support for this.


Web 2.0 Bluetooth app with comments, tagging & likes

Stalk devices and get notification when you're near them. Or connect to Facebook and see what you've common with people around.

Bluetooth Chat
Bluetooth Chat

Simple bluetooth chat for mobile phones.
In theory, restrictions on the number of users there. For messaging applications create several ad hoc network using a data transmission channel bluetooth. Check in practice:)
Application built on principle of dolls - embedded into itself, and can transmit itself via bluetooth using OBEX File Transfer.

Bluetooth GPS Compass
Bluetooth GPS Compass

Bluetooth GPS compass is a free J2ME application that displays GPS data graphically . features include satellite azimuth/elevation, GPS signal quality, analog gauges.


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