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i8510 INNOV8 B5702 S7350 Ultra s S3100 S7220 Ultra b
D980 S3500 D780 S5150 Diva S7350 Ultra s
S3310 S5200 C5130 S3600 C6112
S5350 Shark L700 U600 M3310 S7330 Soul
S5550 Shark 2 U900 Soul U700 T469 Gravity 2 D780
D880 Duos i637 Jack U800 Soul b M7603 Beat DJ M3510 Beat
M8800 Pixon M5650 Lindy S5600 Preston B7620 Armani C3050 Stratus
C5212 B7300 Omnia S5233T F480i C6112
B3410W Ch@t S7070 Diva M8910 Pixon12 B3210 Corby B7330 Omnia
S8300 Ultra B7320 Omnia M3710 Corby W880 AMOLED F480
B3310 B7610 Omnia C3510 Genoa S5560 Marvel B3410
B5722 i900 Omnia I8520 Beam S5230W Star B5310 Corby
S3650W Corby S5620 Monte S8500 Wave S3650 Corby S8000 Jet
eQuran Explorer

This is free software with following features:
1. Quran in Arabic
2. Indo Pak Script.
3. Inbuilt fonts.
4. Selectable Colors for ehrab, text and background. All contains are copied from a website which claims its data is verified from Quran complex of Saudi Arabia.

Diet Planner

This application helps you to keep your weight under control. Status bar on the top of screen indicates the actual weight, your distance from target and your actual progress. Using the left-right navigation keys you can change between daily/weekly and monthly review. You can change to written analysis view. It is possible to change the weight target during the weight control period. If you start a new diet project just erase all data in one step. So easy.

1 Touch Contacts
1 Touch Contacts

1Touch Contacts (OTC) can be used to make phone calls as well as send SMS to multiple recepients. OTC implements a Smart Searching technique that eliminates multiple presses of the same key when searching for a contact. The TITLE text shows the matching text as you press the keys when searching for a contact. For example, if you wish to search for 'Adam' you would press the keys 2,3,2 and 6 in that order. The title text would display the first four characters of the first matching contact for the key combination of 2,3,2 and 6. With OTC you do not have to repeatedly clear the search by pressing the clear key multiple times. After a contact is selected, the search gets automatically reset so that you can start another search. This makes selecting multiple contacts a breeze.

* Uses the same database as the built-in contacts application
* Multiple Selection List with Smart Search
* SMS multiple recipients
* Sort contacts by First or Last name
* Switch between Mobile, Home and Work numbers by using the RIGHT ARROW key
* Add/edit/delete pre-defined messages for SMS(favorites)
* Use Smart Search to select multiple favorites to be inserted into your SMS message
* Synchronize Contacts using PC Suite (same as built-in contacts app)
* When sending SMS, you can add phone numbers that are not in the contacts database.

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