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Mobile facebook chat application for all java enable mobile phones.

File Explorer

FileExplorer is a program for managing files on the phone and memory card.

Current features include hiding/unhiding of folders and files, password protected access to the program and copying and moving files.

It also features a slideshow viewer and image viewer. Will NOT open other files except jpg and png. This is NOT the final version. Its a pre-release build.

IMPORTANT Settings before running FileExplorer:
* After FileExplorer has been installed you`ll need to configure the Access Permissions to allow

FileExplorer to access the phone local file system and the internet. How this is done depends on your phone.

Please read the below section for instructions for your phone type.

Configuring Access Permssions for FileExplorer
Sony Ericsson phones:
Go to either Applications or Games (depending on where you installed FileExplorer). Highlight FileExplorer, but instead of opening it, press More->Permissions.

Select Read User Data and set the access permissions to "Ask once" or "Ask Always". Select Write User Data and set the access permissions to "Ask once" or "Ask Always".

Nokia Series 60 phones:
Go to Tools > Manager > FileExplorer > Options > Suite settings

Select Read User Data and set the access permissions to "Session" or "Ask Always".
Select Write User Data and set the access permissions to "Session" or "Ask Always".

Nokia Series 40 phones:
Go to FileExplorer->Options->Application access->Phone access

Select Read User Data and set the access permissions to "Session" or "Ask Always".
Select Write User Data and set the access permissions to "Session" or "Ask Always".

The development of this application started out as a personal project but from your feedback,

I'll be taking it to a higher level and will be releasing the newer version 3 soon with the following features:

1. Multifunctional Torch

2. Zip archiver and extractor

3. Audio/Video player

4. ID3 tag editor

5. Multi-file renamer

6. Nokia theme (.nth) creator for S40 phones

7. Text file editor

8. Maybe, an image file editor

9. Playlist editor

Change Log for Alpha release:

1. Shows hidden files and folders with separate icons than the normal ones.

2. Improved the support for Sony Ericsson phones. Should work but haven't tested though. Do send feedback

3. Added support for zip files and nokia themes but it's under work and will not work.

4. Changed the UI a bit adding a shortcut to jump directly to a path

5. Added a torch with different colors. The flashlight doesn't work yet.

6. Added Nokia Theme creator UI. Still under development.

7. Support for zipping files and upzipping them. Working on them. To get torch which remains ON permanently press the UP arrow which changes the brightness level.

Torch Keys:
Left Softkey(Nokia): Change color
Right Softkey(Nokia): Go back

UP/DOWN arrow: Increase/decrease brightness

LEFT/RIGHT arrow: Cycle through preset colours

8 key: Toggle Circle light or Full screen light

0 key: Reset all settings


Flashlight Extreme
Flashlight Extreme

Turns your phone into an extremely bright led flashlight.

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