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MP3 WMA OGG Codecs

If you mobile phone does not support mp3, wma or ogg audio files then you can install this codec to run these extension files.

Size: 261.89 Kb Download

Upload your Pictures , Videos and contacts to CLICKOva

Size: 261.89 Kb Download
BT Explorer

Application for bluejacking !!

Size: 52.68 Kb Download
SMS Planner
Ability to send individual or group SMS at schedule times.This first of its kind solution for mobile industry now gives end users the ability to send timed messages to several users.Easy to use yet powerful application lets you send SMS to a group or individual at a scheduled time. Simply select the "Send Later" option when done typing the SMS, enter the desired time and date for sending...thats it. The SMS will be sent automatically at the specified time without any user interaction, provided the phone is switched on.

  Size: 38.19 Kb Download
Private Call And SMS Guard

"Private Call And Sms Guard" is a powerful mobile application--integrating the main features of several the most popular Call&SMS application. It helps mobile end users to manage incoming short messages (SMS) and phone call logs, It can take control your Phonecall(BlackList Filter, Personalized call rejections for each of the members, Records Phonecall), It also help users to manage file securiry and keyboard autolock.
  Size: 75.39 Kb Download
SMS Diary
The SMS diary application reads all your SMS messages in your phone (but do not delete them, of course) and creates a diary out of them. The diary that will be created consists of two web pages; one page with a table of contents and statistics (statistics on how many messages you have sent etc) and the other page contains all your messages, formatted in a nice way. The web pages are saved on the internal memory of your phone. After the diary has been created you can transfer the web-pages to your pc and store them for future use.
Size: 53.18 Kb Download

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